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Policy Change as of 6/17/ 2019 
Summer Program parents,
I look over our Curious Kids policies once a year to see if they are all working for us.  We currently have one policy that needs to be changed. As of June 17 we will require all parents to let us know when their child will be at daycare. Please let me know what those days will be, including drop off time and pick up time for the next week by Friday.  This will allow me schedule my staff so that we are within our adult to child ratio. Since I will be scheduling staff to meet the needs of those signed up, I will have to charge you for days you have signed up for even if your child doesn’t attend. I know some of you have schedules that are very inconsistent, but to keep staff employed, I feel it is fair and necessary to guarantee their scheduled hours and pay. I hope you understand why I have made this decision and it doesn’t cause major problems for you. If you have an issue please bring it to me.
Please sign and return so that I know you have read and understand this new policy.
Thank you,  Michelle  Brooke

Attendance Policy
Parents are required to let the director know by Friday, the days and hours their child will attend daycare the following week. If this isn’t done, it will be assumed that the child will be in attendance full time and the family will be charged for 5 full time days.
Exceptions : Parents notify us of a family emergency

                    Parents notify us of the child’s illness and present us with a doctor’s note Families with consistent schedules may submit any changes in schedule instead of the same schedule weekly. Child Care Assistance Parents
Please be advised that there is a new policy going into effect  this period, stating Monday June 17th.
Hours beyond 10 hours a day will be charged to you at the rate of $2.70 per hour. This will be added to your account and will be your responsibility to pay within 2 weeks. 
A late payment fee of $25.00 will be added to your account if your bill goes unpaid for more than 2 weeks and we will ask you to pay the bill before your child returns to Curious Kids. Please talk with Michelle to make arrangements for payment. Bills past 30 days late will be taken to the Clerk of Court. Court fees will be paid by you.

You may view our complete and updated handbooks with the links above. Below is most of the information you will  be looking for.
About Us
The After School Program was originally a part of  St. Mary's Catholic School. Michelle Brooke was hired to teach the After School Program in 2004. Since then it has grown to include many other programs like the Summer and Winter Program.  This year we have added a 2 year old Preschool skills classroom, Curious 3's.

When the school closed in 2008, the After School Program was viewed to be a benefit to the whole community so we were asked to stay.  The child care business was taken over by Michelle Brooke in 2008 and it continues to grow today. We have held to the original goal of providing an enriching child care  program that addresses the need to continue educating our kids in all subjects after school and through summer. We also teach good morals through the pillars of good character, Bible study and prayer before meals.  In doing this we are creating a better community, better kids and better child care at an affordable price.  Join us in the adventure!
Our Activities Though the Year
  •  Local field trips - science based trips to Sharon Bluffs State Park, Honey Creek, and city parks. 
  • Social and literary  trips to Drake Public Library and  local businesses such as the radio station, (the kids got to be on the radio once!)
  • We get fun lessons in history by taking trips to the Appanoose Co. Museum and State Street Stella Historic trolley rides. 
  •  But the all time favorite trips are going swimming at the YMCA  and summer movies at the theater.
  • We have community professionals come in and speak to the kids about health, bicycle safety, pet care and nature.
  • The Centerville Police Department  speaks to us about stranger danger.
  •  In the Arts, we participate in community events, such as the Children's Art Festival and Missoula Children's Theatre. 
  •  The kids are given the opportunity to take music lessons. 
  • We raise money with a lemonade stand every summer and donate it to a local charity.  
  • We also take collections of food, toys and clothing to the Lords Cupboard, Angels Hands and the Second Time Around and adopt a child at Christmas time and provide gifts for them to open Christmas morning.
  • And above all, we work with the kids everyday on academics and bible study.
Program Handbook
 A paper copy of this handbook is located in our classroom. You may request a copy of your own. We would be happy to answer any questions you have. Prospective families may schedule an orientation with Michelle Brooke. During orientation we will go through our handbook, enrollment forms and policies. We will give you a tour of the building and introduce you to other staff. Your children are welcome to visit. If you require help to or from the childcare or help reading and understanding the handbook or it's policies, we will sure help you anyway we can.

We will serve school age children 3 years of age and older. Our mission is to give quality care to your child and keep hands on learning a priority. Our goal is to nurture curiosity in our children because curious children are always learning. Prayer will be part of our day, as will Bible study. We will purposely teach and enforce good manners, accountability and service to the community. We will teach respect to each other and our environment. Field trips will be planned that educate your child about their world and how to contribute to it, not just take away from it. We will learn healthy hobbies and healthy lifestyles. We will help your child excel academically and socially. We will care for your child in such a way that not only your child will benefit, but also your home and community.

Curious Kids is a licensed childcare, before school and after school program that enrolls children 3 years and older. We have an enrollment capacity of 46 children. We can take mixed age groups because we utilize an outdoor learning area and have use of 2 large classrooms. We allow the big kids and little kids to learn and play together. Ideally we have nearly proportionate classes. since our class size fluctuates daily we rarely have our licensed capacity.

Child Care Center Location:
505 E Walsh Street
Centerville, IA 52544
Home Child Care
Home Child Care (weekends and after hours as needed, Speak to Sheridan, Bailey or Kimie)
There is an additional fee of $5.00 for every 15 minutes your child is in child care before or after our regular hours of operation
Before School, After School and Day Care: Mon - Fri 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Summer Program:  6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Curious 3's learning session 8:00 to 12:00 the days you would like them to attend. Daycare before and after class.


Fees and Financial Agreement
 Note: there is no discount for 2 or more children who come as drop ins.
Summer Program  
Open  6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Our fees are $2.70 Per hour one child
 or $2.45 per hour each for 2 or more children. $27.00 per week minimum fee.
(10 hours)
Day Care  and After School 
 We charge an hourly rate of $2.70 for one child. $2.45 each for 2 or more children$27.00 per week minimum fee. (10 hours)

Curious 3's
3 year olds
1/2 day rate (5 hrs.) $13.50
full day $26
2 year olds
1/2 day $16.75
full day $33.50

Fees are to be paid to Curious Kids each Friday or as set and agreed upon by individual parents and the director.

Other Payments
A deposit of $25.00 must be made for new families before their first day. This deposit will be refunded if the account has remained in good standing and a 2 week notice is given prior to withdrawal.  Also a $25.00 registration fee is due when you register your child. Summer classes and camps (if available) must be paid in advance of the first day of the activity or the child will not attend. Payments can be made to Curious Kids  unless otherwise directed. Please include the class or camp name in the memo section.

A fee of $30.00 will be billed to you for returned checks.
To assure that we can provide the highest quality of service, it is necessary that the financial status of the center remain stable. We are prepared for your child each day whether the child attends or not. Therefore, we must require that each family financially support space guaranteed for your child(ren) even if the child is absent. For Curious Kids families this means payment of the minimum $13.50 each week though the school year and $27.00 through the summer.

Illness or Emergency

We ask that you allow your child to stay home if they have a severe cough, fever, even low grade fever, upset stomach, diarrhea or oozing sores of any kind. Most likely we will be calling you back to pick them up anyway. Your child will feel better faster at home and everyone else won't be exposed to the illness. Check with your family physician for the appropriate length of time to allow your child to return to childcare after an illness.

In the event that your child has an illness or medical emergency while at our child care center, the staff will attempt to contact you or a person on your contact list. If no one can be reached and we feel it necessary, the staff will contact your child's doctor. If immediate medical attention is required, any charges will be the parents responsibility. Parents must provide the staff with insurance information and information concerning the child's current health problems and allergies. This information  must be checked for accuracy once a year. Prescription medication shall only be given to a child with dated written permission from the child's parents and physician . All medication must be in it's original container and labeled with the child's name, instructions and doctors name.

 Vacation Time
If your child has been enrolled with us one full year, your are entitled to one free week of vacation.  This means you will not need to pay the minimum balance to  hold your spot while you are away. If your child has not attended a full year the minimum payment must be made. This vacation time is not transferable from year to year. You must let us know two weeks in advance of your child’s planned absence.

Dress Code 
We do not have a strict dress code, but we do ask that you dress your child appropriately for the weather. Put your child's name on their winter wear.
In the Winter please send hats and mittens. If there is snow on the playground we will not play on it but may go for a walk instead.
In the Summer, I know it is  hard not to send your child in flip flops or sandals but it is difficult for them to run and play when they have to stop and remove  rubber chips from their shoe often. It can be dangerous too. We have found broken glass and nails. Ouch! Please send them to Curious Kids in well  fitting shoes that cover the whole foot.
Release of Children
Children will be released only to their parents or person authorized for pick up on the child's enrollment forms. Any changes in pick up information must be made in writing. Please always inform us if another person will be picking your child up.
Please do not drop off your child and leave. We may need to inform you of schedule changes. If there is a custody dispute or no contact order in place, we will need to have a copy of your court papers.
Lunch and Snacks Parents will need to send a cold lunch with their child everyday the child attends through lunch time (11:30). In the past, children have brought microwaveable meals. This is an acceptable option but please limit the warm up time to 1 minute as we have only one microwave in our room. We prefer that Lunchables are not sent. Parents, we are seeing a lot of waste with Lunchables, the kids just aren't eating them. Nutritionally they are not complete. The best option for lunch is one created at home with food your child will eat. Include some food from each food group when possible. Candy is not a food group and chips don't count as a vegetable. Keep in mind we all should cut back on the amount of garbage we create everyday. Teaching our kids to eat right now will have a positive effect on the rest of their lives. A fee of $5.00 will be added to your bill if we have to provide a meal for your child.
Nutritional snacks will be provided twice a day. Please note on the enrollment form any food allergies or diet restrictions your child may have. Feel free to provide a snack for the children any time.
Schedule The After School Program will offer quiet time to complete homework, one on one tutoring, separate activities for pre-kindergarten through first grade students, enrichment activities for all and a healthy snack. Free choice activities, crafts and outside play will also be enjoyed. The Summer Program will include: group tutoring, separate activities for pre-kindergarten through first grade students and enrichment activities for all. A healthy snack is provided two times each day. Free choice activities and outside play will a large part of our Summer Program. Some time each day will be spent sharpening our reading, math and Bible skills. Science, Geography and Social Studies skills will be sharpened in hands on practice. We will have planned and impromptu field trips and guest speakers. Parents will be contacted about these special activities.  The Winter Program will offer one on one tutoring, crafts, enrichment activities, free choice activities and outside play (weather permitting).
Days Off /Cancellation/Child Care Policy If there is no school, but we are providing child care, you will need to sign up for that day of child care a week in advance. I will need to know drop off and pick up times for all days (if there is more than one). The hours you give me will be guaranteed hours that you will pay for if you don't show up. Email reminders will be sent out. You will have a few days to sign up before a cut off date. If fewer than 7 children sign up, child care may be at my home. I will let you know where child care will be held on the last day of sign up.
School Cancellation As soon as I know of the cancellation I will text parents to find out who needs child care for the day. If you don't hear from me, please phone or text me at:
 641-895-7488. If I won't be able to make it in to the school I will let you know ASAP so that you can make arrangements.
If school is let out early because of bad weather, child care will be held as usual.
Please note: Prayer will be practiced in all programs.
This is a general Schedule
Summer Program Schedule and Day Care
6:00 Open
9:00 snack time
11:30- Lunch
12:00- Individual Reading
12:30 Bible stories
1:30-2:30 Rest Time with a Movie
3:00 Snack Time
4:00- Pickup-  Outside Play and Chores
6:00 Close
*We will work one on one with children during free play time.
After School Schedule
 3:00 Arrival
 3:15-3:45 Snack
 3:45- Until Done - Homework  
 Free Time and Outside Play
6:00 Close
General Information We reserve the right to terminate child care services if it is determined that placement is unsatisfactory following a conference between the staff, administrator and parents. If payment is not made under the terms of the agreement, a conference will be held between the parents and the administrator immediately. If back payments are not made up in a reasonable time, the student regretfully may not attend the program.
 All children are required to go outdoors (weather permitting) so parents are expected to dress their children with that in mind. Summer clothing should be modest.
We are happy to allow special treats brought in by the student. (Store bought only).
You only need to enroll once for all programs. Just let us know what programs your child will attend. It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the staff regarding any change in information.
Please inform the staff of any upsetting information that may affect your child such as a death in the family, change of family members etc. This will enable our staff to understand the student more completely.
Access Policy Parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. Good communication between the home and our program is important to providing the best possible care for your student. Visitors, parents or otherwise, who have not had a background check by Curious Kids Childcare will not be allowed to be alone with children. A Curious Kids employee will be present with the visitor at all times. Each visitor will sign in and out on a visitor sheet. They will also fill in any applicable information needed on the sheet.  An abuse registry will be checked. Persons convicted of abuse will not be allowed to visit the classroom.
Field Trips We will be taking field trips. Please sign the Permission to Go on Field Trips form.  Check our bulletin board for up coming events. We must use parent volunteers to transport children as transit bussing is no longer available for our use. Let us know if you are willing to help drive on field trips. We will also take walking field trips. When we do this we will post a note on the door stating our destination, estimated time of arrival and return and the cell phone number of one of our staff so that we can be reached.
Discipline   Since we are a program that has a wide range of ages, we will closely monitor the behavior of all children. We do not allow computer or video games that depict unsuitable behavior, language or actions. Behavior that is not suitable to our program will be made known to the parent of the student. We will implement a 1-2-3 your out plan in which the second time there is inappropriate behavior, the child will call his or her parents and ask them to come pick them up and a conference will take place. The third time there is inappropriate behavior the student will be asked to phone their parents to have them come to pick them up. The child is also asked not to return to the program.
Emergency Plans
Fire The fire escape route posted will be utilized. One staff member will lead the students safely out of the building. Another staff member will follow with the student enrollment folder, first aid kit and cell phone after determining all students have exited. One staff member will place an emergency call while the other does a head count. The church entryway is the designated meeting place in case of fire. We will remain at the church until calls have been made to all parents and all children are picked up. The director will provide rides to the drop off location of the parent’s choice after all other children have been picked up.
Tornado The tornado route posted will be utilized. If time permits we will go to the Rectory basement next to the school. One staff member will lead the students to the hallway or Rectory basement while the other follows with  the enrollment folder, first aid kit and a cell phone. After determining all students are present, the staff will wait with the children until we hear it is safe to return to the room. If the group is on an outing at the time a severe weather warning is declared, we will seek the nearest shelter. Weather conditions will be checked before outings are planned. Phone calls will be made to parents to inform them of measures we will be taking for the remainder of the day.
Intruders  The director or staff member in charge will confront the intruder and ask if they may be of  any assistance. The intruder shall be lead away from the children. Staff shall maintain the classroom while watching for signs of trouble between the intruder and director. Emergency services will be contacted and children will be taken to a secure room that can be locked if there is any violent or confrontational behavior witnessed. The director will remain with the intruder until emergency services arrive.
 Intoxicated Parent or Visitor If it is believed that a parent or visitor is intoxicated, measures will be taken to remove the person from the area where children are present. The director or staff in charge will ask if a phone call can be made to secure another means of transportation for them and their child (if they are picking up a child). If this offer is met with confrontation the director will ask the perpetrator to remain in another room while they go to retrieve the child or excuse them self to attend some other business. Upon arriving to the secure room emergency services will be contacted. Record of this incidence will be kept in the student file. A description of the vehicle and license number shall be obtained by anyone who is able.
Missing (lost) or Abducted Children Children will be directed prior to a field trip to stay in the same area as they were when they became separated from the group. They should find help from a mother with children, a worker of the facility in which we are visiting or a security guard/ police officer. They should not try to find us. We will return to find them. If we are unable to find the child a description of the child will be given to the authorities. Students will be gathered in one location and extra staff will be called to assist in locating the child. Parents will be notified immediately thereafter.
Blizzards If the National Weather Service does not recommend travel due to blizzard conditions, parents will be notified that there child can overnight at the center. Extra blankets will be on hand for such emergencies.
Power Failures Power failures due to storms can usually be waited out. Circuit breakers will be checked and reset if needed. If a power failure is due to some unknown problem in the building, an electrician will be called. Parents will be notified and asked to pick up there child as soon as possible. If weather permits we will spent our time outside until parents arrive, otherwise the children will carry on as normal of a day as we can without electricity. The director will provide rides to the drop off location of the parent’s choice after all other children have been picked up.
Bomb Threats Bomb threats will be taken seriously. We will evacuate the center and begin making pick up notifications to parents immediately after notifying the police. We will relocate to the church until all children are picked up. The director will provide rides to the drop off location of the parent’s choice after all other children have been picked up.
Chemical Spills We will shelter in place if there is a notice of a chemical spill in our area. Windows and doors will be sealed with wet towels. All ventilation will be turned off. 911will be called if anyone becomes nauseated or has a severe headache.
Earthquake and Structural Damage In the event there is an earthquake or some other form of structural damage has occurred, the staff will take the children, enrollment folder, first aid kit and a cell phone outside to seek shelter from falling debris. The children cannot enter the building again until an inspection proves it to be safe. Parents will be contacted and arrangements will be made to send children home if needed.
What we need to have from the parent:
These forms will be given to you in your enrollment pack.
·          Emergency contact information. Included in this should be at least one person who can be reached any time in case we cannot reach you. (pg.1) Parents may have may have access to their child's file.
·          Emergency medical and dental information so that we may secure services for your child while they are in our care.(pg.1)
·          Information regarding specific health or medical needs of your child. Include information regarding any professionally prescribed treatment. (pg.3)
·          Child release authorization form. (The parent shall periodically review this form for accuracy and initial for verification).*(pg.1)
·          Parent authorization for the child to attend center sponsored field trips and non-center activities. Parents should provide authorization with specific details on location and time of non-center activities. A form with details of transportation to and from the activity and signed acknowledgment that the center is not providing supervision during the time of the activity should be included in the child’s file.(pg.2)
·          A physical exam report if the child is 5 years of age and not enrolled in school. The physical exam report shall be given to the center within 30 days. Children 5 years of age and older and are enrolled in school cannot be enrolled without parents signed statement that the child is free from communicable disease and that specifies any allergies, medications, or acute or chronic conditions. This statement shall be made annually thereafter. If your child is younger than five and not in school, a physical form will be given to you(pg.3)
·          A copy of the child’s insurance card.
·          A copy of your child’s immunization record
·          A $25.00 deposit and $25 registration fee
We will include:
·          Documentation of injuries, accidents or other incidents that occurred while the child was at the center.
·          Documentation of discipline measures taken and conferences with parents to discuss behavior issues.
·          Medication administration record.

If we feel a child needs an over the counter pain medication, a call will be made to verify it is permissible to give the child medication. This is to be done even if the child’s file indicates permission. If verbal permission is granted, documentation will be made on the child’s medication form. The form will be kept in the child’s locked file. Parents will be informed of the health of their child. Contact with the parent is especially important because we don’t know if the child has had a dose of OTC medicine prior to being dropped off at school.

The administration of prescribed medication to students during the school day is discouraged but when no other options exist, we require the following:

Parental Request
If no alternative exists, the parent/guardian may request in writing that medication be administered to the student during the school day. The following form is to be filled out. Include the name of the medication, dosage, dosage time, route of medication required storage, possible side effects and parental signature. Requests are valid for one year.

Delivery and Storage of Medication
Medication can only be given if it is in its original container. It is a good idea to ask the pharmacy to divide the medication into 2 bottles so that one bottle may be left at the childcare.

It is the parents responsibility to notifying the school of any changes of a prescribed medication. Old or unused medication is to be returned to the parent. Medication will be kept in a locked storage cabinet or locked box in the refrigerator if refrigeration is needed.

The number of capsules, pills or tablets, and/or the volume of other medications brought to school shall be recorded in the presence of the parent. School staff administering medication shall document each instance the medication is administered including the date, time, and dosage given. A record will be maintained of the parent’s request, physician’s order, details of the specific medications(including dosage and timing of medication), and documentation of each instance the medication is administered.
Staff will be given information that will help them care for the child’s best interest.

Medication will be stored in a locked box or cooler if/when we are on a field trip. All administration and record keeping will be the same in or out of the building. Only the amount of medication needed for the duration of the field trip shall be taken.

The following forms will be used to record the 5 R’s

The Right medication The Right child At the Right time

The Right dose The correct Route

Please let us know if you have questions or are missing forms.
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