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There has been a policy change. Please read this change on the program handbook page.

New Handbooks are ready
Links are on the second page, click 'Program Handbook' to the left.  We have a separate handbook for Curious 3's so make sure you click the right one!

Now Enrolling Children for Curious 3's Preschool Skills Class AND!!! Now taking Infants and Toddlers!!!!!

If you have taken enrollment papers, please get them back to us. If you need enrollment papers you can now print them off here. Just click the About Us/ Program Handbook to the left.
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REMINDER: WE PREFER THAT LUNCHABLES NOT BE SENT FOR YOUR CHILDS LUNCH. If you do pack a Lunchable, please also send a piece of fruit and a vegetable.
 This would be a great time to check into Child Care Assistance. Even if you think you don't qualify, you may be eligible for reduced cost childcare. Go to 

 We accept debit and credit card payments.

About our Staff Requirements:
 There are 7 mandatory trainings and record checks each staff member must complete periodically to be employed at Curious Kids:
Criminal History 
Abuse Record Check
Mandatory Reported
First Aid
Universal Precautions
Essentials Pre-service training 
 Each Staff member must also complete 6 - 10 additional hours of training in the childcare field annually.

Curious Kids Has received a Quality Rating of 4 Stars on the Quality Rating Scale is a voluntary program that awards DHS licensed childcares for providing exemplary service in professional development, heath and safety, environment, family and community and leadership within childcare. You can find out more about QRS here: or .

 Our Mission

  •  Our mission is to give quality care to your child and keep hands on learning a priority.
  • Our goal is to nurture curiosity in our children because curious children are always learning.
  • Prayer will be part of our day, as will Bible study.
  • We will purposely teach and enforce good manners, accountability and service to the community.
  • We will teach respect to each other and our environment.
  •  Field trips will be planned that educate your child about their world and how to contribute to it, not just take away from it.
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Michelle Brooke, her staff, and the Curious Kids program.  It is truly a blessing to not only our family, but to the community of Centerville to have her here. When my son is there I can be assured that he is safe, he is learning, he is being held accountable for his decisions, and he is loved.  Mrs Brooke has created a wonderful atmosphere of caring and curiosity.  If the children are intrigued by something, they study it.  They utilize computers, music, and art.  They don't just look at pictures to find out what happens to caterpillars, they find one and watch the transformation themselves.  In addition to intellectual growth, the children also grow socially and spiritually.  They learn how God expects us to treat others and to appreciate our many blessings. They learn to look outside their bubble and be concerned for their neighbor.  They learn to value service and to value each other.  I am thankful that my son has had the opportunity to be cared for by Mrs. Brooke and I know that he is better because of it."
"The Curious Kids program has been an important and beneficial part of my children’s early childhood and beginning school years. My boys enjoy the fun activities and playtime with friends. As a parent, I enjoy the learning of educational skills, computer skills, and social skills that are taught during their time at Curious Kids. Kids learn life skills by helping the community and have many opportunities for field trips and guest speakers. The name of the program says it all; the units studied at Curious Kids have helped my boys love learning and studying new things." 
Our Teachers
Michelle Brooke is the owner and director of Curious Kids. She is married to Richard Brooke and has one daughter, Abbie Pangburn. She believes that God gave her her daughter to help her find a career in education and child care. It wasn't until she was hired as an aide in Abbie's preschool that she discovered a love for teaching young children.
Michelle has a Child Development Associate and hopes to earn her National Administrators Credential in the next few years.

Michelle has worked with lower elementary children for 14 years. In those years she has dedicated herself to learning more about helping children with special needs, finding ways to make learning fun and collecting Bible lessons and other activities to help the children in her care learn and grow morally.  Michelle's hobbies include gardening, reading classics, yoga and photography and being in nature.
.Dear Parents and Students,
Hi! My name is Marcie Harryman and I will be assisting Michelle Brooke and the rest of the staff at Curious Kids this year. I have been in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays sharing a Bible story. Along with hiding God's word in your children's hearts I will be assisting in teaching the transitional three year olds turning four in preparing them for Kindergarten. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My phone number is 641-216-3374 or my email is I will often communicate with you via text message throughout the school year. I am excited to get the opportunity to learn and grow with you this year. 

I am from Centerville Ia, born and raised. I graduated elementary education from Graceland and Central College. Preschool aged children is my favorite age. It is so exciting to help advance in these early skills of learning. 

I am anxious to learn more about each and everyone of you. 

Have a blessed year !!

Hi! My name is Angie Foster. I am excited to assist Michelle in the preschool room this school year!  I grew up/graduated in Centerville and have recently moved back from North Liberty, IA after raising my 2 children. 
I will do my best to communicate with you on a regular basis and you are always welcome to contact me either by email or by text at 319-383-4887. 
I look forward to meeting you and helping your your child learn and grow

Bailey Clark Bailey is a IHCC student. She would like to become a teacher. Bailey works in all of the rooms but is usually found in the toddler room and with the school aged kids.

Samantha Micetich works in the infant room and is a student at IHCC. Sam is pursuing a child related career, either education or psychology.

Maddison McCarty is a student at IHCC and is pursuing a career in education. She works primarily with the after school kids but she will be found in all rooms

Veronika Arnold is our aide to all! she will usually be found in the 3 year old classroom but loves to help out in the infant and toddler rooms also. 

 We are very happy to be able to offer  child care that is making a difference in our young children's lives. Our families  know that while their children are at Curious Kids, they are receiving the best care available with life lessons as a bonus. 
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